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CKL Web Concepts develops websites for Central Coast businesses
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Terms & Conditions

terms & conditions


i) Packages & Projects & Payment
Web design packages / web design projects require a 50 percent deposit upon confirmation. Payments made for either web packages or individual hosting plans are non-refundable. Monthly hosting plans may be cancelled with one month’s prior notice. Please note that payment for all completed editing work for existing clients is strictly on completion of the work. Failure to settle accounts will result in the suspension of the web hosting account associated with that site and/or development. There are no exceptions to this condition.


ii) Project Content, Duration & Completion
CKL Web Concepts expects all projects to be completed within 4 weeks of receiving a deposit. Please note that it is the client’s responsibility to provide all content and/or images to CKL Web Concepts when the deposit is paid. If the project information / images / copy is not received within four weeks of the start of a project, CKL Web Concepts will either request full payment be made or terminate the project.


If a client stipulates a completion date prior to the development of a project, but fails to present CKL Web Concepts with all content and/or images then the balance will fall due upon that date. An exception to this condition exists only if an agreement is reached between the client and CKL Web Concepts during project development. Any decision regarding a change of completion date is at the discretion of CKL Web Concepts.


Also note that once a site is made “live” or CKL Web Concepts is asked to make a site under development live, regardless of time-frames or suggested deadlines, the balance of that web development falls due on that date. There are no exceptions to this condition.


iii) Technical / Editorial Support
Editorial support given to new clients refers to adding/editing content (within reason and an acceptable limit) for an agreed amount of time, for example, 3 months, 6 months, etc.


The term “technical support” refers to sites using only CKL Web Concepts servers or servers authorised by CKL Web Concepts. Therefore, it is not the responsibility of CKL Web Concepts to investigate, modify, repair, reinstall or replace sites and/or databases and/or components and/or modules located on third-party servers found to be damaged, deleted or misused in any way (e.g., a failure to backup a site before a site upgrade for instance) by a client or a third party developer. If a site is located on a third-party server, CKL Web Concepts is not responsible for any additional backups once changes have been made to the original site developed by CKL Web Concepts (the day a site went live).


Further, CKL Web Concepts is not responsible for making backups of sites that use Joomla or Magento, CubeCart or Word Press content management systems on servers other than those used or authorised by CKL Web Concepts. Full or partial site backups on third-party servers are the responsibility of the site owner and/or its representative. (CKL Web Concepts saves a backup of site(s) developed by in-house and approved by the site owner(s).)


Any request to make changes to “live” sites on third-party servers will be charged accordingly.


Technical support for clients using CKL Web Concepts servers includes work needed to, if necessary, identify and solve issues with web hosting and provide assistance on sites utilizing content management systems for an agreed amount of time, for example 3 months, 6 months, etc. The period of technical support will be mentioned in any quote given but will amount to no more than 12 hours for that period. When those hours are exhausted, a quote for additional work will be given, if required.


Technical support for clients using third-party servers includes email assistance with problem solving hosting issues, domain registrations and re-registrations, or assisting with minor CMS concerns only. It does not involve accessing or working on any content management system.


iv) Web Hosting & Web Hosting Accounts
Web hosting prices shown on this website are for new clients only. The renewal of all web hosting plans and domain name registrations are the sole responsibility of the client, unless notified by CKL Web Concepts prior to each expiry date. CKL Web Concepts is therefore neither liable nor responsible for the loss of any files and/or images, scripts or videos, presentations or otherwise, nor is CKL Web Concepts accountable for any financial loss attributed to a failure to renew web hosting accounts or domain renewal costs.


Please note that all hosting accounts up for renewal are due 4 weeks prior to the account expiration date, unless prior arrangements have been made.


v) Site Attacks & Access (third parties)
CKL Web Concepts will not be held responsible nor accountable for malicious attacks on a client’s site that result in a compromised online presence. Although we take necessary precautions to combat attacks and employ the latest software and firewalls to protect CMS sites, it is virtually impossible to stop the most determined of hackers. If we discover that a site has been badly compromised due to a failure to update and/or maintain site security or update WP or Joomla versions and/or update a theme or template, and/or plugins, CKL Web Concepts has the right to cancel the hosting account without exception. Specifically, attacks can include but are not limited to the following: SQL Injection (SQLi), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Inclusion Vulnerabilities: LFI and RFI and Brute Force attacks.


If a client’s site is part of a CKL Web Concepts hosting package but the client fails to perform regular site maintenance or provide adequate site security after the initial support period ends (generally CKL provides 3-12 months of free technical support once a site is made “live”), CKL Web Concepts will not be held responsible nor accountable if and when an attack is made on said site. Any subsequent remedial work will be charged according to the severity of the attack.


Moreover, CKL Web Concepts will not be held responsible.if the client discloses site CMS and/or cPanel login details to a third party and files and/or directories/folders are illegally accessed and/or hacked and/or files are lost and/or overwritten.


In an effort to bolster web server security, CKL Web Concepts no longer provides login details to the web server and/or web hosting account. Moreover, if a current/existing client wishes to employ a third-party web developer to update and/or upgrade a website, please notify CKL Web Concepts by email and the site will be backed-up and transferred to the client. If a current/existing client wishes to make minor changes to their current site, please provide those details to CKL Web Concepts. Depending on the amount of work requested, CKL Web Concepts will then provide a quote, or will underatke the work at no cost.


Please note that clients are not authorised to provide login details and/or access to a third party, nor can they authorise a 3rd party developer or web hosting service to access the CKL Web Concepts web server. Failure to contact CKL Web Concepts can result in the account being terminated. There are no exceptions to this condition.


vi) Cube Cart Installation
Installation of CubeCart is for a trial only. Installation excludes software licence and copyright removal costs and product placement.


vii) Usage
Although CKL Web Concepts is constantly alerted to excessive storage usage or excessive bandwidth use, and can warn clients 99.99% of the time, we must stress that if these factors contribute to server problems and the possible loss of data/information during any downtime, CKL Web Concepts is neither liable nor responsible for said loss, nor is CKL Web Concepts accountable for loss attributed to exceeding maximum allowances for bandwidth and storage space.


CKL Web Concepts Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.